Oakland Cemetery

Facts About Oakland

  • Founded in 1847
  • Oldest monument bears a death date of 1842; moved here from earlier, now vanished, Fannin Street Cemetery, which closed when Oakland was opened.
  • At least 15 (and probably 16) Mayors rest here
  • 85% of burials pre-date 1900
  • Ten acres in size
  • Boundaries are Milam, Christian and Sprague Streets and the Municipal Plaza
  • Believed to contain about 5,000 burials, many of these unmarked
  • 759 victims of the 1873 yellow fever epidemic rest in a mass grave; more throughout cemetery
  • Jewish section (1858) was third Jewish Cemetery in Louisiana outside New Orleans
  • Over 300 veterans of the Civil War are buried here
  • Oakland is still in use, though few burials now take place here
  • Listed in National Register of Historic Places, 1977