Oakland Cemetery

Our History

Years of neglect at Oakland Cemetery have left the monuments at this historic cemetery in a state of disrepair. The history at Shreveport’s oldest cemetery is literally crumbling and cracking every day. We must do what we can to assure that this historic place and its rich history are preserved. The Oakland Cemetery Preservation Society and the City of Shreveport, are seeking ways to preserve and protect our heritage. We are both committed to preservation of this historic resource, but we cannot accomplish this alone.

Many deceased

While some family plots at Oakland are still visited and cared for by family members, the reality is that many who are buried at Oakland have no family here to care for their resting places. Some, like the yellow fever victims, have no monuments. The City of Shreveport is charged with maintaining the cemetery and is seeking to contact families with plots at Oakland. However, we realize that not every monument or plot is connected to a family who remains in Shreveport.


We must identify critical needs as we move to protect, preserve and restore monuments. To support these efforts, the cemetery and its monuments are being mapped by history and geography students from LSUS. Oakland Cemetery Preservation Society commissioned a site assessment by a preservationist experienced in this field. Her report, along with the documentation created as part of the research, help us develop a phased plan to outline the priorities for preserving this landmark. Following development of a preservation plan and implementation guide, we will initiate a landscape design plan to help return the cemetery to its former glory when it was part of the “Garden Cemetery Movement.” Monument restoration is a critical first step. It is an expensive undertaking. Oakland contains monuments made of many different materials in a wide range of conditions. The restoration methods used will vary from monument to monument.

Adopt a Monument

You can show you care about historic Oakland Cemetery by adopting a monument. Funds from individuals, families and clubs will be used to restore and preserve the monuments, helping to assure that our historic landmark is preserved and becomes a source of pride for our city. Monuments not cared for by families will be available for adoption with a three-year pledge commitment, the first year’s pledge due at the time of adoption.

Level 1 $250 year $750 total
Level II $500 year $1,500 total
Level III $750 year $2,250 total
Level IV $1000 year $3,000 total

GraveA tombstone will be selected for you by the Adoption Committee, based on the amount of your pledge. If you prefer, you may request that your pledge be combined others to fund restoration of the most severely damaged monuments which will be highest on the priority schedule. Should you have interest in a specific monument or section of the cemetery, you must indicate this on the form. A member of the committee will contact you regarding your request.

GraveWhen your tombstone is selected, you will receive a photograph of the monument and information about the deceased. Your contribution will automatically make you a “Friend of Oakland, entitling you to the newsletter and updates. You will be invited to a special adoption event and presented with a memento to commemorate the occasion. Your adoption will be recognized on the Oakland Cemetery Web site. Your first installment is due with your adoption pledge form. You may choose to pay the entire pledge at one time. If you choose the latter option, your funds will be placed in the Restoration and Preservation account where interest earned will help grow the overall funding for monument restoration now and in the future.

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