Oakland Cemetery

Completed Projects

  • Phase 1 of the Master Landscape Plan is Complete!

    The past year was another very productive one for the (OCPS).

  • Commissioning Detailed Landscape and Electrical Lighting Plan

    In 2015, OCPS finalized detailed landscape and lighting plans for the cemetery that will allow us to place carefully thought-out plantings in strategic areas of the cemetery and extend the use of the cemetery. The plantings will be done over the years and both will adhere to the master plan in place. OCPS currently has grants to help with both plans.

  • OCPS has completed establishing a Geographic Information System for the Entire Cemetery

    Board member Gary Joiner completed the process of compiling a Geographic Information System (GIS) of the cemetery. This allows us to pinpoint each gravesite and provide a database of its occupant and any additional information about the site itself.

  • 35 Monuments Uprighted

    In 2014, OCPS, in conjunction with the City of Shreveport (SPAR), sat upright 35 monuments in the cemetery that had fallen or were in danger of collapse. This not only improved the look of the cemetery but also saved the monuments from irreparable damage. More gravesites are now being identified for monument righting and stabilization.

  • Mr. Scott Williams, an Accomplished Gravestone Cleaner, Visited Oakland

    In December 2014, Mr. Scott Williams, an accomplished gravestone cleaner, visited Oakland. Using specialized tools and chemicals, Mr. Williams demonstrated the proper procedure to clean cemetery monuments. OCPS representatives were there to learn and be able to transfer that knowledge to other volunteers interested in revitalizing and preserving these treasures that are found in the cemetery.

  • SUNDAY IN THE PARK @ Oakland Cemetery

    This event highlighted the grand reopening of the cemetery after a major renovation.

  • Effort To Rehabilitate Oakland Cemetery Has Finally Begun

    Thanks to the citizen’s approval of a recent bond issue, our Mayor, the Shreveport City Council, the Friends of Oakland, and the Families of Oakland organizations, the effort to rehabilitate Oakland Cemetery has finally begun

  • Voters approve $ 150,000 for Oakland Cemetery in bond issue

    The bond issue approved by the voters in the April2nd bond election included $150,000 for capital improvements for Oakland Cemetery. These funds will be used to obtain matching grants from private and governmental agencies and foundations.

  • Study Completed on Emergency Work and Top Priority Sites

    Ms. Shelley Sass of Shelley Sass Conservation, Inc. completed her study and submitted recommendations regarding emergency work and top priority sites in the cemetery as they relate to monuments, headstones, etc.

  • Families of Oakland Organization Wraps Up Fundraiser

    The Families of Oakland Cemetery organization has just wrapped up a successful fundraiser to fund a study by nationally-known Conservator, Shelley Sass, to assist the board in identifying and classifying the grave stones and monuments in the cemetery.

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