Oakland Cemetery

Current Restoration/Preservation Projects

Thanks to the citizen’s approval of a recent bond issue, our Mayor, the Shreveport City Council, the Friends and Families of Oakland organizations, and you, Oakland Cemetery has just completed the most comprehensive restoration project since the cemetery was built.

The renovation includes new street paving, walkways, a water system throughout the cemetery, a new security fence, and handicapped parking and access. It beautiful, and you are invited to see the new Oakland.

Current Projects

  • Phase 2 of the Master Landscape Plan

    During 2017, OCPS received additional grants from the Northwest Louisiana Master Gardeners and the City of Shreveport to implement Phase 2 of the master landscape plan. This phase will continue the plantings down Washington Avenue to Sprague street. Three additional benches will be installed.

  • Update: Phase 1 of the Master Landscape Plan

    During 2016, OCPS received grants from the Northwest Louisiana Master Gardeners and the City of Shreveport to implement Phase 1 of the master landscape plan. Using those funds, OCPS partnered with Shreveport Green and Loyola College Prep School to source and plant new trees and ornamental plants in the eastern part of the cemetery. A park bench was added to the Yellow Fever Mound section of Oakland. Additionally, an irrigation system was installed for each location.

  • Partnership Formed to Source Planting Material for the Cemetery

    Shreveport Green, The Caddo Parish Commission, and OCPS have formed a partnership to source planting material for the cemetery, grow it in a designated area of Walter B. Jacobs Park, and when ready, plant it in Oakland. This partnership will greatly enhance the ability of OCPS to provide quality landscape materials and landscape the cemetery at a reasonable cost. Thanks to our new partners!

  • OCPS & City of Shreveport (SPAR) Continued to Right Monuments

    OCPS, in conjunction with the City of Shreveport (SPAR), continued to right many monuments in the cemetery that were in danger of collapse or were on the ground. This not only improved the look of the cemetery but also saved the valuable monuments from irreparable damage. This makes over 100 gravesites that have been righted and stabilized in the last two years.